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Whether you are a small hotel or a large chain of hotels, we will listen to you and cater to all your reporting needs, striving to make sure your demands are met.
Julien & Lucien J Semaan
Founders & managing directors

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Third Party Connectivity

  • Protel
  • Medialog
  • Mews (2 ways)
  • Apaleo (2 ways)
  • Jazotel
  • Opera
  • StarLight
  • Comanche
  • Class One
  • Manual
  • D-EDGE (Push)
  • Protel Market Place
  • Mews Market Place
  • Apaleo Market Place
  • If your PMS is not listed above, we can establish the connectivity for you.
Enigma | Birds

ENIGMA & BIRDS are one same product in content, designed specifically for hotels.
While BIRDS is built for, and connected with Protel PMS, ENIGMA connects to other PMSs and can also take reservations data manually.
Available in the Apple Store and Google Play under the name BIRDS Reporting

Few Key Features

  • General Manager Reports
  • Dashboard & Alerts
  • On The Books In-depth Analysis
  • Business Comparisons
  • Pivot & Advanced Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • Forecast & Rates Recommendations
  • Rates Planning

About CrystalStat

Our solutions are hosted on servers in France while support is conducted from both France and Lebanon.

Our Specialty

Delivering crystal clear reports and statistics for hotels is our specialty. Our business intelligence tool, Enigma | Birds, is created and owned by CrystalStat and is the focal point of our business. More than 50 reports designed for hotels and groups of hotels to gain a thorough understanding of their business, giving them crystal clear visibility over their PMS data.

Our promise to you

  • Instant & Accurate visibility over past & future data.
  • Friendly & Flexible user interface.
  • Quick & Efficient support.
  • Continuous development to give you best in class tools.
  • Remove the pain from all your reporting needs.
  • and much more.

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We are confident in what we do, and are eager to give you the opportunity to try our Enigma | Birds reporting tool for free for a period of two weeks.
If you are interested please send us an email to

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